How we work

Artificial intelligence takes care of language services for us. It’s as simple as that

Here at MSS Future, we leverage the best AI tools and programs available to provide efficient and affordable language services – such as translation and transcription – at zero cost to our clients, or at a low flat rate.

As a language service provider, we believe in providing transparent pricing to our clients. Instead of per-word or per-minute rates, we offer a simple pricing model that includes a project management fee and a review fee.

No longer pay per word, but instead pay per hour, per day, or at an agreed flat fee.


Leave your order in your dedicated Project Manager’s hands


Artificial Intelligence does the job using huge collective know-how


Thorough Quality Control by experienced staff

At MSS Future, AI meets 14 years of project management experience. We harness the power of AI technology to provide fast, reliable, and cost-effective language services.

With years of experience in the field, our expertise means accurate and trustworthy translations that meet your specific needs. We are committed to helping you expand your global reach by overcoming language barriers through the use of customisable solutions that are scalable and flexible.

We can process accurately and reliably large volumes of content at a time and we are deadline driven. Trust us to provide the guidance and expertise you need to take advantage of the latest AI tools in language services!

Project Planning


Quality Control

Project Planning

What is the difference between a great project and an average one?

A superb project manager!

Every project needs excellent project planning to meet deadlines, deliver high quality, and cover all the bases.

AI still needs humans to manage the process from start to finish and make sure the output is exactly what was required and of the best quality. Operating as a language agency business since 2009, we have managed to successfully fine tuned this process.

In charge: your dedicated project manager. Competent in all language projects, experienced in project management and your friend in our company. This is where all the threads of your project come together, where problems are solved, deadlines are met and the highest quality is ensured.

With a team of project managers based in Cape Town – where we have not only lots of sun, beach and mountains, but more importantly, a better cost structure, which we happily pass on to you: Pay less per hour of review.


This review fee covers the work carried out by our experienced team, who handle all aspects of your project.
This one-time fee is calculated based on the scope and complexity of your project and the actual time needed.

Artificial intelligence is a powerful and useful tool for increased speed, efficiency, and cost- effectiveness. However, the human element functions as quality assurance.


Artificial intelligence is a powerful and useful tool for increased speed, efficiency, and costs-effectiveness. However, the human element functions as quality assurance.

To ensure high-quality language services for our clients, our review fee covers the time and expertise used by our Quality Control & Project Management team to carry out a thorough quality assurance, including editing.

Charged per working hour, so you only pay for the time spent on reviewing your project.

Quality Control

Quality matters to you.

And to us.

All our content undergoes rigorous quality assurance. We use the best Artificial Intelligence available.

However, we understand that machine services are not yet perfect. This is why everything we do is thoroughly proofread and edited by human linguist and professionals.

As competent project managers, we oversee the entire process. In this way, we guarantee that our services are accurate, reliable, and free of errors.

Our in-house quality assurance (QA) processes and professional linguistic talent leave no stone unturned and no word overlooked. We make it our top priority to produce the best quality for your language project.

Everyone loves friendly service, but if the quality’s not right, your project’s not right. Thankfully, this is not a concern for you when using our services.