AI-powered transcription is fast, cost-effective, and accurate. With AI, you can have multiple audio or video files transcribed simultaneously. AI doesn’t require breaks and is not biased when it comes to accent, language, or topic. We also offer bilingual transcription from one language directly into another language by combining machine transcription with machine translation.

What to use for your transcription ?

Our state-of-the-art AI technology has been designed to accurately transcribe audio or video files; whether it be a long-term series of simple explainer videos, a one-time batch of in-depths interviews for market research, or a complex express Investor Relations conference. Our AI technology has been trained to understand context, idioms, and colloquialisms, ensuring that your transcription is not only accurate, but also perfectly nuanced.

We always deliver quality

Transcribe audio/video
files into 30+ languages.
We guarantee high-quality
transcripts with fast
turnaround times.
Securely deliver transcripts
via encrypted email, FTP, or
your preferred method.
Competitive pricing with
no hidden fees or charges.

Our transcriptions are AI-powered and human-reviewed to ensure top quality.
Receive a checklist via email to record flawless audio for our service.

What is machine transcription?

Transcription service is capturing audio and video speech into the written word. By using the latest in AI machine transcription, sophisticated software is now able to perform this task much more accurately than before. With the added benefit of speed and cost-efficiency compared to the more traditional transcription approach.

Benefits of Machine Transcription:


Machines can transcribe audio or video files much faster than humans, which makes the entire process quicker and more efficient. Also, there are no delays due to illness or holidays.


Machine transcription is significantly cheaper than hiring a human transcriptionist, which can save companies and individuals a lot of money. Some of the projects that were not possible before – due to budget restraints – might suddenly be an option again. This ultimately offers more work for human reviews and project management.


Machines can provide accurate transcriptions with a high level of accuracy, especially
when using advanced speech recognition technologies. AI does not make human errors. On the other hand, AI partnered with human linguists will deliver the most accurate result.


Machine transcription ensures consistency in the transcription of audio or video
files, providing the same level of quality for all transcriptions. There is no influence from people with differing opinions and moods working on your project.


Machine transcription is available 24/7, making it a convenient option for urgent
transcription needs.


Machine transcription can easily scale up to handle large volumes of audio or video
files, enabling businesses to meet their transcription needs effectively.

How do we ensure the quality of your machine transcription?


Machine transcription is useful for transcribing large amounts of audio or video content in a comparatively short amount of time. In some instances, AI-powered transcription may not be suitable for certain types of audio that contain strong accents, loud background noise, very specific technical jargon, or soft slurred speech.

Fear not! More than 13 years of expertise in the language service industry, is available to you with MSS Future. And for complicated projects, we have an in-house Recruitment Department, that will make sure we have the best reviewers for your project.

Project management expertise

When you work with us, you can trust that we always strive to understand your individual needs and tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. We are a language service provider that offers so much more than just AI. We pride ourselves on handling every project with dedication, commitment and a big portion of human brainpower. We would be delighted to be your reliable partner, from simply guiding you through the different options available to you, to managing and steering complex projects which might involve several products, languages and planning phases.