We no longer are paid for the fundamentals of language services.
AI gets the job done!
Consult below our standard pricing model that includes a project management fee and a review fee.


Price Considerations

1. Third-party flat rate fee, if applicable

We may charge third-party costs if the software used comes at a fee. As a rule, the use of artificial intelligence is not free of charge. This is especially true for particularly powerful systems. Based on your request, we calculate a flat rate, which we pass on to you.

2. Project management: 196 Euro (per half PM working day)

No project is without a manager! Our project management fee covers the work carried out by our experienced project management team, who handle all aspects of your project – from setting up the project and ensuring the right team is assigned to your project, to communication and coordination of the workflow. This fee is calculated based on the time required for project management. We quote you a fixed price based on half-day rates, stated clearly at the start of the project. The scope and complexity of your project determine the time required.

3. Editing & Refinement: 49 Euro (per hour).

The use of artificial intelligence brings you enormous savings. The finishing, however, is done by our editors. Based on the source file, we estimate the time and expertise required by our professional linguists to carry out a thorough quality assurance, and then quote you accordingly. This fee is charged per working hour, so you only pay for the time spent on reviewing your project.