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Our team blends AI-driven subtitling tools with our top language service expertise successfully developed since 2009.

Paired with our AI transcription or translation services, we ensure accuracy and readability. Our AI-powered transcription and subtitling software efficiently handles large video content in over 60 languages.

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Use the power of AI for your subtitles

We offer subtitling for a range of video material that is in accordance with a variety of subtitling conventions, in order to meet the needs of businesses from all sectors. Whether it be e-learning modules, intra-company communication, or simple brand or explainer videos, we take care of the entire AI-powered subtitling process for you from transcription, to the actual creation of the captions and also, if desired, the embedding of the subtitles into your videos.

…with the help of expert humans.

Every project is different, every client has specific requirements, and -in some instances- AI powered subtitles alone may not be suitable for certain types of video, for example if they contain difficult jargon or speech. That’s why, at MSS Future, all subtitles go through our internal quality assurance process, and need to first be passed by our team of experienced project managers. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering a service that meets the highest quality standards. We offer competitive pricing, with no hidden fees or charges.

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What is AI Subtitling?

AI subtitling, also known as machine subtitling or automatic subtitling, refers to the process of using software or algorithms to automatically create subtitles for video content. Being able to read text on the screen for a video is important for certain purposes; this is where subtitling comes in. Machine-created subtitles lend themselves to breaking down language barriers and expanding global communication. Not to mention that the use for hearing-impaired people is superb.

Benefits of using AI Subtitling:

Opting for machine-created subtitling has many benefits over traditional subtitles created by humans.

  • AI-powered-, or machine subtitles, can be created much faster —almost instantly!
  • For subtitling though, the biggest advantage, is the accuracy that a machine offers.
  • The spotting will be “on-spot”, with timing being absolutely and consistently in sync with your video.
  • Furthermore, for businesses and individuals who need large volumes of content subtitled in a rather short time period, or with little to no notice in advance. AI-powered subtitling is the best way to ensure accuracy, speed and cost-efficiency.

How do we ensure top quality for your machine subtitling?

Rest assured, our internal quality assurance processes will ensure the delivery of high-quality AI-powered and fine-tuned subtitles, while also considering any individually requested specifications. All AI-powered subtitles are reviewed by professionals. Considering factors such as the quality of the audio, the speed of the speech, and the complexity of the language being spoken, our post-editing team helps to ensure quality and accuracy. For more demanding projects, we boast top project manager competency stemming from more than 14 years of language service industry experience. Additionally, our in-house recruitment department will ensure the most suitable linguists will be used to refine your content.

Project management expertise

When you work with us, you can trust that we strive to understand your individual needs and adjust our service approach and our processes to your specific translation project requirements. If you are looking for a language service provider that can do a lot more than just AI, then you are at the right place. At MSS Future, we pride ourselves in handling every project with dedication, commitment, and a big portion of (human) brainpower to manage even the most complex project with efficiency and success. We would be pleased to be your reliable partner, from simply guiding you through the different options available to you, to taking over, managing and steering complex projects that might involve several products, languages and project waves.