Meet the Team

Our Vision is to help you make the most of AI. We harness the power of AI and our many years of project management expertise in the language services field in order to deliver on your next translation, transcription, or subtitling need. Our team is young, flexible, dynamic – and sometimes made up of electronic matter! With 13+ years in traditional language services, we possess the expertise to seamlessly integrate AI for optimal linguistic results.

Our world is firmly based upon our love of language and its multi-use as a connector and powerful tool for knowledge sharing. We are competent in all language projects; experienced in project management and your friend during the process. The MSS Future team are a dynamic group of people with their finger on the pulse, and who have a background in traditional language know-how. From competent team leaders, project managers, linguists, and HR specialists, get to know us below!

Torsten Lüddecke

Managing Director

Torsten Lüddecke is MSS Future’s owner and managing director. He is a dynamic entrepreneur who is passionate about integrating new and exciting technology into operations. A big fan of South Africa, Torsten has a background in tourism and various business endeavours that have him travelling the world.

Marlen Böhm

General Manager

Every team needs a strong backbone and that’s where Marlen Böhm comes in. Her attention to detail and process-oriented way of working together with her creativity, is a combination that customers trust. She offers years of experience in the language services sector and has a special interest in investor relations, photography and art.

In addition to our team of project managers, leadership and HR, MSS Future is made up of a network of professional linguists and voiceover artists working in a wide range of languages based around the world.

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We can’t wait to work with you!

Our History

Successfully operating as a language service agency since 2009, we leverage the best of the traditional and combine it with the best AI tools available. Our deep understanding of the processes involved in producing high-quality language products – whether it is a translation, transcription, subtitle, or voice-over – give us the competitive edge to get the best out of the technology and AI tools for our clients. Our track record as a language agency – under the name MSS Cape Town